Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Never Easy ........

To say a fabulous Vacation Resort!!
We have to head home today. We have had the most incredible time together and with our friends! It has been a vacation where we were truly able to stop, take a breath, and enjoy our time together!
I am really not ready for school to start, for all of the sports to swing back into play, for the 7th grade projects that come home everyday with a deadline of TOMORROW, for the Christmas holidays to be "just around the corner", and all the other stuff that fills the calendar and makes the hands of time seem to fly!!
Today, I will be thankful that we were able to spend this amazing time together and take a very much needed vacation before all the "routine craziness" takes off and controls our lives!!
Thank you to my sweet family for such a wonderful trip!!!
So, hang on now, it's going to be a fun year!!!

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