Sunday, August 16, 2009

"King (Queen) Of The World (DUCK)"!!

Today took us to the "Titanic" Museum! It was incredible!! When you arrive you are given a Boarding Pass with the name of a true passenger that was on that ill-fated cruise. As you wind through the Museum of interesting artifacts, photographs, & reenactments you watch for your "self" and try to figure out if you survived or perished on that dreadful early morning of April 15, 1912.
Mine was "The Sage Family", who had 9 kids! That wasn't too hard to figure out.......Mrs. Sage probably leaped into that frigid water from the ship with NINE KIDS!! (Just kidding!) Unfortunately, the Sages were a family of 11 who all did sadly perish.

We also FINALLY got to "RIDE THE DUCK"!! Oh! So much fun!! It is a tour of the city by land and by sea! You travel the streets and the lake in what is called in the military, a DUKW. We learned alot about the city, had a FUN driver, named "Captain Foghorn", who let all the little children on the tour DRIVE THE DUCK......myself included!!! I was even made an "Honorary DUCK Captain"!! Complete with a CERTIFICATE!!!

Another great day in Branson!! Tomorrow......MASSAGE and boating!!!

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