Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip 2009!!!!

Vacation Here We Come!

Today is the official start of our summer vacation, nothing like waiting until the end of summer to get in some R & R! It has been a whirlwind summer and all 4 of us are in need of some R&R! Quick before the school bell rings!!!

We didn't get this road trip to Branson, MO up and running until 9pm! So it looks like an all-nighter for me and ole' "Trail Boss"! We packed the car and headed north. As we entered into the Ozarks...(I 1st had to squeal to wake the girls to snap the "First Official Road Trip 2009" picture. My cooperative gals are used to my picture snapping so they just opened their sleepy eyes, smiled, and went right back to sleep!) We enjoyed many roadside packs of deer greeting us into their beautiful state, thousands of oppossum playing some "Cat & Mouse" games with Glen.... seeing if they could make it across the road before getting hit, and we even had a "Welcome Hello" from a very large black panther, that Glen assured me would eat me if I attempted to stop, get out, and get that awesome "for my blog and Facebook" picture that I on down Hwy 69 we rambeled.
We pulled the ole' trusty Tahoe into this Grand Jubilee of a city at 4:30am, hoping that our hotel was a little fancier than the "Hillbilly Inn" (that none the less had "extra parking in the rear")! ......we were pleased to catch a glimpse of the RADISSON nestled into a mountainside.
ahhhhh........time for some early morning shut eye!!

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