Friday, August 28, 2009

Speed Week In Review.....

Holy Cow!! That first week of school smoked by us!!

It flew by so fast, I needed a review myself of what all happened this week:

1. SCHOOL STARTED! This had to be our best first week of school yet! Riley starting 7th grade like an old pro, Hallie entering 3rd grade with the teacher she has waited for "her whole little life"! Thankfully, not a tear to be seen all week!

2. I spent the first day, mostly on Facebook enjoying a quiet house and looking at everyone's children's 1st Day Back pictures! What a treat to see some of your old high school friend's kid's starting school and the little ones being just mini versions of your old friends back when we started school!

3. Started back to the gym, after hopping on the scales after one fun vacation.....with NINE pounds added to the screen, did you hear that N-I-N-E pounds........panic set in and I flew into action!

4. My 89 year old grandpa, named "Pepa" for short, made it through surgery and is back home rambeling the streets on his "scooter"! We are so happy and thankful our prayers were answered and he is doing so well!

5. While on Facebook, and after hearing the news on TV, we found out that one of our childhood friends that we grew up with was seriously injured when his own neighbor shot him in the stomach! The Facebook community exploded with support, prayers, and words of encouragement for Ryan and it appears that he is doing miraculously well, continuing to improve daily! This event made my "list" as it was such a shocker to actually know someone in the headlines, and so sad to think of them having to endure such a life changing ordeal.

6. The girls came home this first week with a total of 3 projects due this week, so much to my excitement, for real, we got to make a return trip to Hobby Lobby! One of my all time favorite "sanctuaries" among the world's craft stores. I had taken a bit of a self-imposed "Hobby Lobby Hiatus", due to a tanked checkbook this whole summer. So it was so good to smell the aroma of hot glue and cheap potpourri again, it really got me in the mood for some FALL DECORATING!!

7. Speaking of FALL may recall our Halloween Yard Fiasco from last year...........well, I have been putting much thought into our annual Yard Display already, mostly because (almost daily) I get a, "We can't wait to see what you put out there this year!" or a "So who's going to be in your web this time!?"

I hate to disappoint, therefore I am watching the headlines daily for something interesting to catch my attention....... (Gosh! That's been hard! Something interesting in the headlines)!? hahahahaha!! I have a few ideas, but do not really want the "Secret Service" knocking on my door! (snicker-snicker)!

Maybe I should play on the non-political side this year and get started on building 8 kids for my web, with a Jon & Kate to ride the spiders!? or maybe 8 kids on the spiders and those nutty parents in the web...see my possiblilities are ENDLESS, I tell ya!!
It's been a great week over our way and I hope you have had a blessed week as well! Happy Friday!!

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